Additional work by service department

Yesterday I took my wife’s 2007 Chrysler 330 to the dealer to have an oil leak looked at. Fortunately it turned out to be a loose oil filter. Meanwhile the service rep said we also found some “gunk” around your throttle linkage that if left untreated could cause some further problems to adjacent components, we’d also like to clean your injectors, we’ll do them both for $150. SO IS THIS LIKE THE DEAL OF THE DAY FOR THE SCHMUCK OF THE DAY?

SCHMUCK of the day. It’s getting more and more prevalent with dealers pulling this cr*p. It’s amazing that they think the ONLY way they make a profit is to screw their customers.

If the car was running fine, it sounds like the deal of the day to me. Who changed your oil last, and why wasn’t the filter tightened properly? You are lucky their mistake didn’t cost you a blown engine.

A 2 to 3 year old car that needs gunk cleaned from the accelerator linkage and an injector cleaning for $150? I think not.

I think their real goal is to clean out your wallet.

Fortunately you knew better.

Personally I think any garage that gets roped into buying any flushing machines is a bunch of smucks themselves who got duped. Unfortunately it makes them want to recoup their loss/“investment” and try and dupe everyone else trying to recover the purchase.

I amazed now everytime I visit dealer (occasional) they recommend an alignment. Why they just bought an alignment rack instead of outsourcing to neighboring Sullivan Tire shop.

Why they just bought an alignment rack instead of outsourcing to neighboring Sullivan Tire shop.

Prefer them then Sullivan Tire. I dealt with them ONCE…NEVER AGAIN. Total Sleaze outfit.

Cleaning the throttle plate is important and should be done and if it hasnt been done on a 2 year old vehicle then its probably pretty dirty and can affect the way the engine runs. But you did do right by turing down the $150 job because cleaning the injectors is not really necessary and YOU can clean the throttle plate in about 5-10 minutes easily with some carb cleaner and a shop rag.


Sullivan Tire, lol. They dropped my brother’s F 150 off the lift, before that they parked his Trooper in neutral (manual) without the parking brake on, another employee hit it causing it to roll across the street down a hill and into a tree.

I once had tires installed at my local mechanic for $37 less per tire than Sullivan wanted. I asked my mechanic where he got the tires and he said he bought them from Sullivan tire.

I too have had bad experiences with Sullivan Tire. I’m inclined to agree with your assessment of them.