Adding sound proof to Accord Wagon

Can anyone hint as to how to reduce the road noise in my '96 Accord Wagon. I hear it more when I am a passenger, it sounds like there is hole in side of car near back window. Dealership says that the way it is. Before I get too old I would like it to be a little quieter inside the car. any ideas?

Tires are my #1 fix - how old? What brand? You can get tires that are quieter (less road noise). Also check all door seals (use a $1 bill, repeatedly close, rear hatch can be a problem area). Next are shocks/struts/suspension bushings.

You did not describe the noise but assuming it’s a hum/roar/growl/whatever that could point to the tire tread/design/irregular treadwear or noisy wheel bearings.

You also did not state if you bought the car new and if this problem suddenly surfaced or what, but I would assume if it were a design quirk in the car you would have noticed it many years ago.
If you have only had the car a comparative short time then maybe it’s a matter of perception and you’re hearing something that is normal for the car but may be noisier than your previous car.