Adding A/C to a 1987 S10

Hi…is it possible, or advisable, to remove a A/C unit off a salvaged vehicle and add to one without it? Am I being too cheap? Can it even be done? Thanks from Georgia!

Your asking indicates that you can’t do it yourself. I don’t think you would want to pay the price to have it retrofitted professionally. The labor and miscellaneous parts would be in excess of $1,000 and the salvage parts may not survive the transplant but you will pay for the effort even if the result is failure.

Here’s the easiest and least expensive way to do it in two steps.

  1. Sell current 1987 S10 without AC
  2. Buy similar S10 with AC.

I’m sure it’s possible, but it’s a lot of work. Evaporator, condensor, compressor, control system, lines, mountings. Plus good luck finding something from around 1987 in a salvage yard that’s still good enough to use at all.

Possible…but it’s not economically feasible. Just sell the truck and buy one with AC.

Possible? Yes.
Advisable? No.

It might be a fun project, but it’ll never be cost effective. And the assumption that the “salvage vehicle” parts will still be good is a really, really, really, really optimistic assumption. But, hey, I could be wrong. I’ve seen stranger things happen.

Thanks for the advice…anyone want to buy a truck with no A/C? :slight_smile: I think I’ll consider selling it and buying one with it. My father-in-law (82) said that he wanted to buy it and he didn’t care if it had air. His vehicle was out of commission and he borrowed it for three days. After 94 degree weather, he brought it back and said “you need to sell that one and get one with air!” He’s never sweated like that before.