Addendum: Single Mom on Disability needs help PART 2

Ok…replaced the Coolant Temperature Control and while it wasn’t boiling hot when I got home it began running rough after about a mile or so. Forgot when I pulled in drive and automatically shut it off-smelled hot-heard water drop on somethintg and hiss=restarted and the fan was running…Any suggestions on next try? I know there is also a coolant relay but have no idea where that is located (it is cheaper than the the unit I bought today. I’ve appreciated your help-please continue to wrack your brains and send me your ideas. Thanks!

Let’s stick with basics for a period. You have what sounds like a leak in the cooling system but don’t let spilled coolant from the temp-sensor replacement get you off course.

Rough running at idle,no “check engine” light, does that sum it up? Perhaps a sparkplug wire or vacuum line was disturbed during the sensor replacement work.
Remember to keep things simple at the start here. How is the general maintiance on the car? are you up to date on all?

You really must work on getting the names of the components correct. By “Coolant Temperature Control”, do you mean the Thermostat, or what?

You can POST YOUR REPLAY instead of making a new post. It keeps some of us from getting confused, and giving up.

Ok, I’ll try not to get off track or discouraged, though right now I am. Yes maintenance is up to date. It doesn’t run rough at idle…only after I’ve driven a mile to a mile and a half. This is a vast improvement however as before the sensor, it didn’t just run rough it pinged and lost compression. It does however seem to drag a little coming back up to speed. When I start the car all the lights work. My check engine light is not on. Could be a wire was disturbed. My neighbor does this for me as I can’t afford a mechanic. But I watched this time and there really weren’t any wires to disturb. Just so frustrating.

For clarity, your idle is ok, the car runs rough (misses,surges,backfires, low power) when the car is at speed? Or are you saying that initaly idle is ok but after a few miles of driving then comming to a stop the idle is rough?

Can you offer any more details on the coolant smell,hissing noises? This is where you should be concentrating more, until the time comes when we conclude the coolant loss and the rough running are related. Again, how is the coolant situation?

Yes, when I first start up and drive all is well…after about amile I start feeling it run like it needs a tune up. That was today…after the coolant temp sensor replacement. I parked the car in a place I could see if anything is leaking…and there is aomething. The overheat smell was just that…like it was hot but I did not smell coolant per se. The hiss was one drop of liquid on a hot surface with no noticable smell following. Will have to check fluid levels again now. Of course couldn’t then. Thanks for your patients.

I am still having a problems. Let’s just start from last summer when I got the car. At that time the radiator actually BOILED into the recovery tank…Engine and radiator were replaced. The weather became cooler and I had no trouble…In January, the radiator sprang a leak so had to replace it. Did that. No problems with overheating. It was not until the weather warmed that I had a problem (yet again). I have replaced the thermostat, the radiator cap, the “coolant temperature sensor” as well as relays under my dash. My child and her friend were stranded (after all this had been done) in seriously bad weather because yet again I overheated. I have scoured my owners manual and the only other thing to replace is a “maxi fuse” …unfortunately they all look alike (and bears NO likeness to the pics in the book). I am at a loss. I simply cannot afford to go to a “shop”. Someone out there has the answer.

OH…AND I SAW someone asking about the SSS light on their car…it has to do with either the suspension or the steering. in my case…my car was modified and low profiled"…changed the suspension…light comes on and off depending on what bump i hit)

Have a shop do a block check on the engine to see if exhaust gases are getting into the coolant. There may be a headgasket leak that is causing the overheating. From what you stated about this trouble I think that is what is causing the trouble sorry to say. Hopefully I am wrong about that.

You say engine and radiator was replaced last summer. Was this a rebuilt engine or one from the salvage yard? If rebuilt, it would place less likehood on a head gasket leak. When replacing an engine, coolant hoses get bent and twisted. I would look for a coolant leak somewhere in the coolant lines (transmission? Heater?). My thought is reinforced by the problem not showing up until after the engine begins to warm up and pressurize the cooling system. The coolant may be wetting the secondary ignition system somewhere causing the poor performance. My two cents worth.

THe engine and radiator were replaced last summer. Due to a leak, I replaced the radiator again in the winter. The engine is a salvage engine they claim to have only 860000 miles (yeah…I believe that like I believe it was driven only by a little old person going to and from church). Now…that said the reason the engine was replaced was due to a blown head gasket. I smelled oil sitting on my front portch a good 30-45 feet from the car. So, engine replaced, radiator (twice)…I lean more to electrical issues. Especially since it only manifests itself in warm weather…does that make sense?

I sense two problems; overheating and poor engine performance. An electrical issue may contribute to poor engine performance, but I doubt a connection to the overheating unless it really is a blown headgasket. I’ve seen it before where the leak would not occur till the engine heated up and the cooling system became pressurized. I believe you need to get someone’s head under the hood that can do some serious diagnostics. There are many clues that may be overlooked by someone other than a mechanic. Trying to help here is like having a doctor diagnose your ailment over the phone. I wish you success in curing your car’s problem.

It is possible that the cooling fan may not be turning on when it is supposed to be as you seem to think is happening. That is the only thing I can think of that would possibly related to this trouble electrically. The fan relay might be in the power panel under the hood.

I still suspect that there may be a head gasket leak and you should get a block check done to see if that is the case.

Ok, let’s say it may be a head gasket leak…what that might cost me? I truly cannot afford another car or a major replacement here. I’m in serious trouble if it’s the head gasket or a cracked block (AGAIN)

Thank you to all who have replied.