Acura TL help me car can only reverse Acura Tl 2004

reverse light stays on reverse even when switching it to a different gear. Car doesn’t move forward.

I’m not sure if you have cables from the shifter to transmission or electronic controls with wires. If it is electric controls you can try disconnecting the battery. When you hook up the battery something in the system may reset. This is a long shot at best. More likely a cable in the shift linkage is broken and disconnected. Looks like you will need a tow.

@UncleTurbo what else you think the problem might be …

@UncleTurbo you think it might be silonoid? ?

Might be a solenoid - or a switch - or …

The problem might be with the transmission range switch/park neutral safety switch. This switch also turns on and off the reverse lights.

If the transmission range switch doesn’t inform the computer the proper gear the vehicle is in, the vehicle won’t move.


It appears that everyone thinks this Acura has an automatic transmission. Is this the case or is the transmission a manual shift with clutch pedal?

Additionally, the OP needs to clarify the term “reverse light”.
Is he/she referring to the “back-up lights”, or is he/she referring to a light on the dashboard that indicates which gear has been selected?