Acura TL 2004 -- Battery Life?

Dealer shows results of a test saying battery needs to be changed “yesterday”. But I never have trouble starting. 35,000 miles. Would you worry about this?

Hard to say, i’ve had batteries that lasted 8 years & others that only made it to 3 years and suddenly died.

The dealer probably load tested the battery.

Most places that sell batteries will load test yours no charge if you want to get a second opinion.

Since your car’s battery was probably manufactured somewhere between 4 and 5 years ago, I would say that you should take the warning seriously. After 4 years, most batteries are living on borrowed time, and by forcing the alternator to constantly provide a heavy charge to the battery, you are limiting the life of the alternator-- which is a fairly expensive part.

As was already suggested, have the warning confirmed by a load test at another facility, and if the result is the same, replace the battery before you wind up inconvenienced or stranded.

Thanks to both of you for helpful info.