Acura TL 2002 Hard Startup

Recently replaced the engine motor mounts and was driving it better than before, don’t see why it would be an issue but want to mention it. At 109k Miles i put in Techron fuel system cleaner and then a full tank of gas thinking what the worse that can happen. Two days later, I am having trouble starting up my car. It runs normal like before, the only problem is starting. Attached is a video of the the RPM jumping up and down when starting which it never did. Also starting is sounding a lot tougher compared to what it was before, or to any other acura tl 2002 startup videos online. Could the techron removed so much junk that it clogged up some of the parts in my car

I don’t see any jumping up and down of RPM. The engine starts right up and runs smoothly at a slightly elevated RPM. That is usual and expected for a just-started engine. Within moments it slows down to normal. If there is a problem it doesn’t show up in your description or video. How does the car run? Have you burned that tankful with Techron?

To my ear the starter motor sounds a little slow. Is your battery fully charged? Maybe just temporarily discharged from multiple starts?


So the problem is during the cranking phase, the engine sputters, revs a little, but only during cranking? hmmm … one possibility, maybe the techron cleaned the injectors, so it is now spraying more fuel than before for a given injector pulse duration, and the engine computer hasn’t quite adjusted to that change yet. It may take a few drives to get the fuel trim correct. Another possibility, somehow the techcron treatment has caused an injector to leak when the engine is turned off. Then when you start it, there’s a puddle of gasoline waiting to get sucked in from the intake manifold. Seems unlikely to be caused by a techron treatment, more likely that would be just a coincidence. A fuel pressure leak down test would confirm/deny if that were the problem. The reason I mention this is b/c sometimes when I work on my Corolla’s I have to crank the engine without allowing it to start. That floods the engine with unburned gas. Then when I start it up afterward it does tend to cough and sputter and pop more than normal during cranking, and acts generally hard to start.