Acura SLX alternator trouble

About two weeks about my slx died on me. The power in the car went out and I was unable to start the vehicle. Since I have changed the battery and the alternator twice and it is still dying. I have taken it to the dealership and they recommended the second replacement of the alternator and I replaced the battery twice with two brand new batteries from Kragen. I want to know what could be causing the alternator not to work and/or draining the battery. FYI: the battery recharges and I am able to drive until it dies out again with out problem.

Give a little more specifics about when this problem occurs. Does it occur after the SLX has been sitting over night? Does it ever occur soon after (5-15 mintues) a previous drive? After the battery is recharged, does everything seem to be okey for a while (couple of days)? Has the dealership given a stamp of approval to the charging voltage and alternator output?

With a little more information we might be able to help you.