Acura rsx w/ K24/k20 hybrid swap or 06 Subaru wrx sti?

Hi my name is Zakk and I am a college student that has a strong passion for cars which was instilled in me by my father at a young age. Of course he is into the older cars and i am too, but i much preffer the newer technology. I am currently driving an 01 Honda S2000 but I am always looking ahead and i am not sure what to do about my HOPEFULLY next vehicle. I am not sure whether to sell the S2000 and purchase a blown acura rsx and build a hybrid k swap which is the block out of a honda crv and the head out of an acura rsx. Supposedly ive heard of them making anywhere from 250 wheel horse power to 310 whp still naturally aspirated. I own a Honda so I am comfortable with Hondas and I love VTEC lol which is Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control. The main thing that I like about the hybrid k swap in the rsx is that it would be VERY rare. All people that are into honda performance know that the k24 hybrid swap is the premier honda engine to have in their vehicle. http://www…btDDK2eChk

Now the 06 Subaru wrx sti is an awd sedan that has a 2.5 liter 4 cyclinder turbo charged and intercooled engine. It comes stock with “sti” seats that are made by bride which is a prestigous racing seat brand. Subaru’s are very dependable, Since production over 92% of subaru’s are still on the road today. Sti has bbs wheels, brembo brake’s, plus rear seats fold down in the sti. Which is a plus for me because im a big snowboarder and i need to carry my board.

http://www…0PqbHsIJSU I would like for anyone that knows about these two vehicles to comment. I am open to suggestions. Please Help Me!!!

“a hybrid k swap which is the block out of a honda crv and the head out of an acura rsx. Supposedly ive heard of them making anywhere from 250 wheel horse power to 310 whp still naturally aspirated”

No way, no how…

its true. its all over different honda forums. watch that video. its the ultimate honda project to do.

There is no way that just putting a different head on a CRV block will do that. What else do they do? And I trust Youtube as far as…well, you get my idea. Anybody can make claims.

Looking at that video, they pretty much replaced every part in that engine, probably dropped the cat. Not streetable, not if you have any kind of inspections.

And bring several thousand dollars to get it all sorted out.

yes there was deffinetly alot of engine work done and money spent. it could deffinetly be daily driven tho. If there isnt a cat on it one could be put on it.

If you’re gonna swap engines, do it right. Go for something that has torque to it:


I dont like when people swap v8s in civics or imports in general. The resale value would be crappy. The k24 frankenstein swap done right would be worth more than a honda with a v8 chevy engine. Im not a fan of mixing brands like when people drop chevy engines in there fox body mustangs. Right now im leaning more towards a subaru wrx sti. I believe that is the ultimate sports car especially for its price.

The people who modify their cars usually aren’t concerned about resale value. Sure, maybe the Frankenstein RSX might get a little bit more money on resale than a V8 Civic, but a completely stock RSX will get more money on resale than either one.

And if you’re interested in the STI, look at the Speed 3 or Speed 6 by Mazda

Keep the S2000.

You might get tons of horsepower in a RSX, but the front wheel drive will prevent you from putting it to the pavement. You’ll just get tons of wheelspin. You might also want to check the insurance costs for an RSX. They are one of the most expensive cars to insure because their loss rate is very high.

The sti is basically a race car you drive on the street. Maintenance costs are more akin to a race car than a street car. It will cost a lot more than your S2000 to keep on the road.

You have a fantastic car. Why do you want to step down?

Just a comment. Colleges students with that kind of vehicle flexibility are beyond listening to my conservative, get a Corolla advice. I wish I had those options beyond my choice between a 55 Desoto And an old Rambler. As a dad of college kids who followed in my footsteps, as long as your grades as good, do what you want. Your getting good advice from those here.

And how much torque is that K24 hybird putting out? No sense having 250-310 WHP when you have to rev it to to 8000 RPM to get to where the power is. Also it’s still front wheel drive. I’d rather have the STi, but still it’s really tacky looking IMHO.