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Acura RSX sat for 6 months. What should I do?

I bought a new car and meant to use my Acrua every once and a while, but during the winter the battery died and I am just now getting around to replacing it. I got it running again with a new battery, but when I started driving it gave a rough sound like the wheels were rusty or something. What changes/help should I make to the car before taking it out for a real test drive?

Probably has rust on the brake rotors - needs to be driven and brakes used gently at first and then firmly. Do the brakes work well without pulling to one side? That’s what to expect. After a good drive with firm braking is there a noticeably hotter brake? That needs to be addressed. But chances are all will be OK.


I’d fill up the gas tank and use up most of it, then fill it again. Add some Stabil so you won’t have to worry if this happens again.

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I haven’t driven my '87 Toyota pickup since 2017 March; I don’t see why I’ll drive it until 2019 February. I expect it to start up and drive immediately, with the help of a battery booster I keep charged on a lower shelf in case I need to drive it. I typically drive it once a year. The only time I had a problem with the brakes was because the lining had worn out. The wear sensor makes a scraping sound. That could be your problem. Keep it in mind.

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Great! I’m wondering about the oil, coolant, filters, or anything of that nature. From what I’m hearing those do not need to be worried about beyond the usual mileage markers?

How long since the oil? months/miles? If it’s going to sit a while again, I’d change it, regardless.

It’s mileage/time markers. Check your owner’s manual. The time limits become important when a car is not used much.

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I don’t know who you are listening to . The tires need to be checked for dry rot after setting for 6 months. Why would you not have fresh oil and filter anyway . Fresh fuel and a bottle of additive would be good.

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Dry rot? Is OP in the jungle? My tires are 16 years old, haven’t been driven on in 17 months: they look as good as new.

V\Check for mice and change the oil if you want, but drive it. Rust on brakes is normal after sitting. There may be some engine roughness for a while due to the battery going dead and the settings being lost, but you’ll get over it.