Acura and Honda fluids

Are Acura fluids different from Honda fluids?

No, same parent company - Honda

You may also want to know if there are substitute fluids, and I’d say yes to everything but transmission fluid.

There should be a list in your owners manual. I agree with using Honda transmission fluid. That’s a must, in my book. I’d also use their antifreeze.

No it’s the same. Just pay attention to the type of fluid you need, for example the type of transmission fluid. Some of my bottle say Acura and some say Honda. You go to Acura and you may get Honda fluid. Try to buy a part at Honda for Acura though and they won’t sell it to you. Go to Acura for the part and it will be labeled Honda. Like Ford and Mercury.

The other thing is, while some say to just us a compatible after-market fluid, I have found that the price at the dealer is about the same or not much more and you know it’s the right stuff. Plus you don’t usually use a lot of it.