Actuator Broken But Motor Works

Ok so the actuator for the front driver side wasn’t working so I’ve removed the main housing and also took it apart and eventually ended up with the motor itself. To make sure, I directly connected the motor to a 12V DC power supply and it WORKED. Every other part looks fairly clean and sturdy so please tell me that I don’t have to rummage around for a broken connection and it could still be the motor. Thanks in advance.

You can get an inexpensive multimeter (~$20) to help with the rummaging.
I might be more specific if you share with us what this motor is actuating.


Door lock actuator

Is it not working when you press the door lock switch? If that is the case, it might be the switch itself

It is a central locking system so there is a switch that locks all four doors. When pressed all the other doors gets locked but this one. I shook around the main wiring harness but didn’t seem to have any effect. I guess i should look into the wiring harness for the actuator itself.

Since the actuator works ok when you connect 12 volts to it, the next step is to measure what voltage is connected when you do it the normal way, pressing the door lock switch. Do you have a portable volt-meter?

check for a broken wire in between the fender and the door. there will be a bunch of wires in a rubber case. you can usually pull back the rubber part to see the wires inside.

I have but what should i do after measuring the said voltage

I did but will try again

What was the measurement? How many volts?

Sorry, I meant I have a multimeter and what should I do after the measurement

Post it here

Alright thanks guys I will be updating.

There is 12 V coming to the actuator. But i’ve realised that the motor turns when removed from the actuator housing but can’t turn the gears when assembled. I am back to thinking it is the motor now so ordered a replacement. It is cheap even if it doesn’t fix the problem.

If a new actuator doesn’t do the trick, try lubing the entire chain of connections from the actuator to the door lock mechanism. On my cars I use a spray version of white lithium grease. Focus on the door lock end of the chain, that part is more exposed to the weather. Look for something broken or loose too.