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Actual New Car Purchase

So, after much deliberation, I ended up purchasing an re car. I drove all cars in the segment, and ended up going with a fully loaded pearl white with black rims 2017 Mazda CX-5 AWD! It came down to the CX-5 and the CR-V. I really liked both, but there was something about the CX-5 that I liked better…plus, I like the looks of it better. I know the Honda will hold its value better, but I am hoping the Mazda will hold its value down the road.

Anyway, I’m loving the car! I can’t wait to try the AWD system this winter!

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Congrats on your new car purchase. I think your Mazda will be competitive to the Honda in holding its value for quite some time. Is this a new car purchase from the local Mazda dealership then? One they had on the lot?


Congratulations, you got what you wanted which is most important in my book

Yep, picked it up brand spankin’ new. Got the snowflake pearl (white) with the black rims and black interior. Looks sweet!

I hope this will be reliable long term. I plan to keep it 6 years and then get into a lease depending on mileage, etc.

So, I found out tonight that the headlight is LED (one bulb) what is weird though is that it’s in a projector. I have never seen that before. It definitely looks like HIDS though, and the output does too. I just thought that was pretty cool!

This SUV is decked out!

Why would you plan on going from owning a vehicle to leasing a vehicle? Usually people lease first because they can’t afford to buy and hope to purchase when the lease ends. Or they lease because they want more car than they can afford.

Leasing is a bad deal for an individual. Yeah, I know, there are rare cases where it works out okay, but it’s almost always more expensive in the long run than buying… and it has mileage limitations and obligations (like getting a ding repaired) that drive up ownership costs.


Good point! Would a lease be better for someone that maintains their vehicles and wants a new one every few years? Or, is it usually better to buy one pay it down, and go that route if one wishes?

The leases always sound so appealing! Trade-in, turn-in, or.buyout

Marketing people get big bucks to make them sound appealing, because they’re profitable for the industry. You make a car payment every month for years and they still own the car 100%, including a legal obligation by you to keep the car in perfect condition… and not drive too many miles… or pay a very heavy penalty. And in a couple of years they get the car back. Of you have to buy it at their price.

It’s a bad deal for you. You never acquire any equity whatsoever in the vehicle for all the car payments you make.

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Unless you put on 25,000 miles per year, you should consider keeping the Mazda longer. IMO, it will last 200,000 miles or longer and at least 10 years. My 2005 Accord has 188,000 miles and is in good shape.

I get bored of cars and want the newer technology… I honestly don’t think I could keep a car for 10 years. I know, terrible financially!

It’s your money. But you are talking about perhaps $5000 per year. Invest that, and in 20 years you could have perhaps $300000 to retire on.

That’s a personal choice that I’d fight for your right to make. It’s good that you realize that your preferences come at a cost… and, after all, if money isn’t to enjoy life as much as is possible, what good is it? The problem comes for those that get a new car every few years… or even worse, lease… to satisfy their urges when their budget can’t support it, and then fabricate excuses to justify doing so. They have a right to exercise their choice too, but I just hate to see it.

Me? I get a sense of pride having kept a 12 year old car in excellent condition for 247,000 miles. I hope to make it a 20 year car with 347,000 miles. But that too is a matter of choice. Of course, if I win the lottery I’ll enjoy my new Bentley too! :grin:

Keeping a new car for 10 years,then trading it in on a new one is probably close to the sweet spot. For most car owners I mean, those who want a nice appearing reliable ride without a lot of drama. Keeping a new car for 10 years, that’s a good plan imo.

Many of the regular posters here don’t represent most car owners. Me for example. I usually keep mine considerably longer than 10 years. But I enjoy the diy’er repair and maintenance thing. Most car owners don’t have the time, and even if they did they don’t like laying in the dirt & being covered in grease. I don’t mind it; thhat’s what nice warm showers are for.