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Acoustics for calling

Do house plants help or hinder acoustics? Sometimes, when people call in to shows the sound quality is not very good. Would surrounding themselves with a few plants improve the sound quality? I don’t know if that would help in a car, though.

Because the audio quality of phones being used is very poor. Plants won’t help poor phones, in or out of cars.

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Phones only have a bandwidth of 300 to 3k Hz so plants would not help. Plants would only absorb the higher frequencies if any at all. You shouldn’t use your phone in a moving car unless you are a passenger or have some hands free system. A car is always a lousy acoustical environment anyway.


yes, a nice palm tree would definitely help :laughing:

If calling into a radio show from a car using a cell phone, best sound quality will be if you stop the engine and turn off any fans etc that might be making a background noise. Better if you get out of your car and move well away from any road traffic, preferably inside a building. Even better if you call using a land line (rather than cell ) from inside a building.

Doesn’t anybody screen these calls (posts) to paraphrase the brothers.

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