Accuracy of the computer panel

I would like to know if you can trust the tire pressure reading? Why would you have less psi on the front tires than on the rear? Thanks!

You should check it with a quality pressure gauge. Once you confirm it is accurate, you can trust it. What do you mean about less psi in the front? Is that what the sticker on your car says to use? If so, follow the sticker.

I would check the tires (when cold) with a good tire pressure gauge and compare the readings with what the computer panel indicates.

There should be a sticker on the driver’s door frame listing the correct pressures for the tires.

Inflate the tires (when cold) to the pressures indicated on the sticker.

That’s why they call it an Odyssey. (just kidding)

As the others have said, use the pressures on the doorjam sticker. Measuer using a good tire pressure gage, not a “pencil” gage or the one on the gas station compressor line.

I’m confused about the title of the post. Can you elaborate?

We have two cars with tire pressure monitoring systems. I know to not trust them to read the same as my tire pressure gauge which I believe to be accurate to within + - 1 psi. A safe bet is to assume that the system is accurate to within 2 psi. It is good to use as a rough indicator to know that you have a tire pressure problem.

When your tires are rotated, know that the system must be reset so the tire locations match the dash readout.

If the fronts read fewer psi than the rears, it is because the fronts have less pressure than the rears unless the senders in the wheels are not consistent.

My senders are not only slightly inaccurate, but are also a little unrepeatable.

It’s not unusual for vehicles to recommend different pressures in the front and rear tires. I’ve always suspected that’s a last minute attempt to overcome/minimize handling problems that wouldn’t be there with better engineering. But I’ve never worked in the auto industry. Perhaps there are other reasons.

On an Odyssey, I would suspect that the higher tire pressure in the rear has to do with the potential load carried by this vehicle.

IIRC, the Odyssey can carry 7 or 8 passengers. When you add the weight of all of those people (some of whom may be typically overweight Americans), plus their luggage, you have a considerable load on those rear tires.