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Accord tires

hi, I was wondering since I drive like a bat out of hell what are the safest tires for my honda accord 1998 just in case I run over a nail at 90 mph.

thanks love the show keep it up

Tires are not your problem and won’t help, look in your mirror and you’ll see what needs to change.

However to answer your question. The only tires that will give you a fighting chance of a nail at any speed 55MPH-above legal is a Run Flat tire. The cons are high cost and higher wear.

You don’t need tires…you need to have your license revoked. If you kill yourself, that’s OK, but you’re endangering me and my family!!

It sounds like the best tires for you would be four flat ones, so that you can’t drive as you wish.

Grow up and wise up before you wind up being charged with vehicular homicide.

What a dweeb.

I’ll play the devil’s advocate here. If you’re on a highway and the prevailing speed (85th percential) is traveling at 90 MPH. Wouldn’t it make sense to keep up with traffic and not be rolling roadblock by drving at the 65 MPH posted speed limit? Obviously this is an extreme case though. But if the OP is weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds, he/she is a problem. As for the OP’s question consider the Pirelli P6000 . It’s available in stock sizes for the 98 Accord. Is rated for speeds well in excess of what the Accord can attain, and are very grippy. However they are not cheap, they are summer tires, and you’ll likely get less than 20,000 miles out of a set. But you’re driving like a dumb*** you want as much grip as possible.

In Germany this would be a reasonable question. But in Germany your driving skills would likely be considered deficient, and you would be taking a defensive driving course to cope with high speed problems.

If you buy good quality tires, keep them inflated and balanced, and take a high speeed driving course, you will be OK, except fo the inevitable speeding tickets.


I think the OP’s question is:

What is the safest tire with the following stipluations:

  1. the tire is punctured.
  2. the tire is driven at 90 mph

I think the answer here is a RunFlat tire.

2nd best would be a tire with sealant inside.

Nothing will save you from a nail at 90mph…except perhaps prayer.

However, overall your safest tires will be Z rated because at least they’re designed for high speed handling. While other ratings may have maximum sustained speeds of high speeds, they may really be just family tires, like an S has 112 max, but it’s really designed for family cars. Thst only means it won’t explode at that speed, not that it’ll handle well.

RE: Runflats
Don’t runflats have a “safety zone” in which they shouldn’t be driven more than 50 miles at speeds of more than 50~55 MPH after a puncture?

edit: if you buy the Exalto tires, you’ll get a much needed roadside emergency kit for free

Most of you are useless but thanks to the ones that can take a joke,
this is only car talk

You’re welcome.

Since bats are blind and driving over a nail at 90 mph probably wouldn’t result in a punctured tire, I recommend tires made of rubber.

In fact, your entire car should be made of rubber if you’re driving it.

So, my advice is to buy any tire you can afford and have someone else drive your car for you.


I have to agree with that.  A friend of mine did have a blow out at 80 mph (that was top speed for his car) and while it was not fun, it did not crash or do any damage, other than the need for a laundry stop. There was no nail involved. 

There are few if any places in the US where driving at those speeds is safe.  As indicated, people who decide they should drive at those speeds are not only endangering their own life, but the lives of others on the road.