Accord LX 93 - Recurring oil on plug but no smoke?

My LX 93 256K miles (2nd owner - both me and 1st owner almost all highway miles) manuel, oil changed every 3k, clutch last year, well cared for etc.

The issue: Lead plug #2 gets fouled with oil - car not start. I dry the plug, wires, shaft, etc. and wait, and wait, and it starts. But the oil returns.

I changed the valve seals, crankcover seal , plugs and wires, etc. in August. Then, most of the plugs were wet. (Oil plug spacer does not work for this block/ model.)

Question 1: Mechanic says the recuring oil on plug means I have piston ring failure and need to say goodbye and thanks to the car.

Question 2: Did I simply do the valve stem seal poorly and it is now leaking?

Evidence: No smoke from engine, some loss of oil (also v.slow leak from pan), after starting it runs smoothly, no appreciable loss of power, still good highway mileage.

Do I need to part ways?

Your wisdom much appreciated.

You need to run a quick compression check on all cylinders. Write the numbers down to avoid any confusion later.
If the numbers appear to be low then squirt about a spoonful of oil into the cylinders one at a time as you retest the compression.
If the numbers take at least a moderate jump higher with the oil then this means a piston ring problem.

You’re not seeing smoke because the catalytic converter is catching most of it.

“You’re not seeing smoke because the catalytic converter is catching most of it.”…and thus, the catalytic converter is likely to poop out pretty soon.

It sounds to me like you are going to be in need of repairs that exceed the value of the car, unfortunately.

Thank you both for your wisdom! I had hoped to continue with this car for another 250K.

Compression: I had thought about checking the compression, but (without having a gauge on hand) I had not yet gone that step.

No smoke: The mystery of no smoke is now more clear as is the consequence that the catalytic converter will eventually fail from this extra work.

Much appreciated.

WAIT A MINUTE… You said you “cleaned the plug, wire and shaft.” That would indicate to me that the oil is in the spark plug ‘tube.’ Could this be correct?

And one fouled plug will not keep the engine from starting. That’s another issue.