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Accidentally Switched RR & RL Wheel Cylinders - Still Good?

I recently purchased two rear wheel cylinders for my 1998 Honda Civic DX. The parts are Beck/Arnley 0728645 and Beck/Arnley 0728644. Part 0728645 is for the rear right and 0728644 is for the rear left. Several months ago I installed the wheel cylinders; but installed them on the wrong sides of the car. I put 0728645 on the rear left and 0728644 on the rear right. Those are the wrong sides.

Is it now okay to switch the wheel cylinders? The boots are not leaking brake fluid and each overall appears in good shape.

Both wheel cylinders fit on the wrong side. So what’s the point of labeling or designing one for a particular side?

The difference between the RH and LH wheel cylinders is the direction the bleeder screws point. If you can still get at the bleeder screws for the wheel cylinders I’d leave them where they are.


Usually if you install it on the wrong side…the bleeder screw is LOWER then it should be…thus trapping air and now allowing to function properly.

Tester, you’re correct! I just received an e-mail from Beck/Arnley. The guy said that the only difference is the angle of the bleeder screws. Nice work. Thanks!

Did the reply from Beck/Arnley imply it was OK to leave them installed on the wrong sides of the car?
I wouldn’t unless I was 100% certain on the concern that MikeInNH raised.

The guy from Beck/Arnley said it was okay to leave them on the wrong side as long as I can safely access the bleeder screws - which I can. The bleeder screws appear to be the same height from the ground. The only difference that I can see is the angle of the bleeder screw.

Thanks for the concern.