Accidentally hitting First gear going 65

Hello, yesterday I was driving my parents 2018 kia Sedona on the highway. I was getting off the on ramp when my water bottle (not all the way in the cup holder) fell out and hit my knee, I was distracted by my knee hurting and realized I need to get up to speed (already going 40-50 mph) so I hit the gas because someone was getting on my ass and got up to 60-65. Noticed something was wrong when it took a while to get up to speed. Looked down and saw the water bottle hit the gear shift to the left enabling first gear. I was horrified. I did not tell my family this happened but want to make sure it is safe for them to drive and if there may be any lasting effects to my stupidness. Thank.

You’re fine. A modern automatic shouldn’t allow the engine to significantly over rev.

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Agreed, these computer controlled automatic transmissions will not let the transmission down shift at an unsafe speed… If it would have really downshifted at that speed to 1st gear at the minimum it would have locked up the wheels/tires, worst case you would have been carrying the engine home in buckets and or the transmission…

Most computer controlled transmissions if you put them in 1st and don’t change they will either go ahead and shift or the engine will just bounce of the rev limiter…


If the trans was actually in 1st gear at 60 mph, the engine would have been SCREAMING. Was it?

The computers that so many Luddites fear are actually your friend in situations like this, because it is highly doubtful that the vehicle’s electronics would allow you to drive 60-65 mph in 1st gear.

On a side note, many years ago I wound-up driving 60-65 mph in my '71 Charger’s second gear, on I-75 in Ohio.
The trans had been in “D” (3rd gear), but my date leaned over the console and… distracted me :wink:… for several minutes, and in the process, she moved my shift lever. I was so distracted by her attentions that I didn’t immediately notice the noise from my engine. Obviously, that car didn’t have any type of electronic controls, but–luckily–no damage to my engine took place.

car should be fine. But I advise you learn form this and do your best to prevent further similar distractions while driving.
A friend of mine was killed because the driver of the van he was in got distracted by a falling water bottle and crossed traffic lanes.

Be careful :slight_smile:

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Are you sure that’s all she moved? :laughing:

I can personally attest that you can drive a 65 Impala with a 283 and Powerglide trans at 60mph in 1st gear.

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You are correct that more than the shift lever was moved.

With the old 2.45:1 rear gear I shifted into 2nd gear at 60 mph all the time, turning 6K RPMS… Now with the 3.91:1 gear I have to shift at 40 mph… lol
sometimes my rev limiter reminds me to shift…
360 with A999 3 speed auto…

Just don’t be too honest. I would not buy a car with a bumper sticker that mentioned that the car climbed PIke’s Peak. Around here it’s Mt. Washington. Not so bad with a manual transmission. The Kessel run is a different story. If Dad wants to trade it in, encourage him. Captain Obvious just blurts things out.

I do believe there are computer limiters just for such issues. I think it was our 08 Acura but I dropped my wife off to pick it up and drive it 30 miles home. It had less than 10 miles on it. On the freeway she said it was making an awful racket and discovered she had it in first gear. No problems with it at all for four years.