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Acceleration problem

Anyone else?? After changing the oil on our 03 forester, there is white smoke coming out of exhaust pipe and having issues with power when in drive. what could have happened… anyone, please!

Sounds like you might have drained the transmission by mistake & now the engine is WAY overfilled.

Have you checked the dipstick?

Do not drive it until this is sorted out.

Which is the most likely scenario and is what you were told in another one of your posts (which looks like one of 3). Please stick to the same thread.

So did you check the fluid levels, or what?

I just took a look at that other thread & it would seem that the OP is planning on checking the dipstick at his or her leisure thru the years.

OP, the owners manual for my 02 Sonata has an excelent do it yourself section which includes very clear instructions complete with pictures of the drain plug locations for transmission & engine.

See if your Subaru manual has the same.

so, this morning after some much needed rest and more light necessary, my husband went to drain the oil again, discovering he had actually drained the transmission fluid, which ‘was not possible’. Funny how things work. Thankfully, we went and purchased more oil and transmission fluid, and she’s purring like a kitty. I am at ease. Thank you to all who replied, you helped us think outside the box. :slight_smile: