Acceleration, may be transmision?

Mitsubishi Galant 1997 4c, engine speed up but the car did not. It was better after transmission service. It happened again once when I tried to star from stop sign. The engine speed up to 4,000RPM but it did not work. I released the gas petal and lower the engine speed and accelerated again then the car started to accelerate.

Not only is this symptomatic of transmission problems, but every time that the OP “races” the engine without the car moving, he is actually adding many $$ to the ultimate repair bill.

STOP driving the car, and have it towed to an independent transmission shop (NOT to AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or any other chain operation) for an assessment of the problem.

Thanks for your reply.
The people in Tuffy said they did not find anything wrong with the transmisson.

I don’t know what type of place “Tuffy” is, but the name sounds to me like a chain operation.
If that is the case, then I question the ability of their “mechanics” to diagnose transmission problems properly.

Edited to add:
I just googled “Tuffy”, and found out that it is a multi-state franchise operation.
On their website, I decided to research what qualifications one needs to have in order to own one of their franchises. While the corporation is very much interested in an applicant’s liabilities and assets, there is absolutely no mention of needing to have any automotive experience, training, or expertise.

On the menu of services that they claim to provide a customer, there is nothing relating to diagnosis or repair of transmission problems. This–in my opinion–is not the type of place that you should be trusting to maintain and repair any part of your car, but least of all anything relating to the transmission. Truthfully, I wouldn’t allow a place like this to check the air pressure in my tires.

Please refer to my earlier post for my very strong recommendation of what you need to do.

Tuffy is a chain muffler / brake shop.

To the OP - a Tuffy shop is not a place to have your transmission evaluated. Find a local, independent shop that specializes in transmissions.

Have you at least checked the fluid? Or maybe Tuffy did and that’s what they meant when they didn’t find a problem?

Thanks for your responses. It is realy helpfull.
I usd Tuffy since the shop is close to my home, 10 min walking.
I searched on this website and find a tranmission shop nearby,"Chunck and Larry Transmission at Des Momis. Based on the comments and phone call I made I felt that they know what I was talking and sounded reliable.

You could do a simple stall test. Set the park brake, hold the foot brake, and quickly (very quickly) try to rev the engine while the transmission is in DRIVE. (not overdrive)
The engine RPMs should stall out at around 2000, give or take. (I don’t know off the top of my head what the converter stall is.)

If the engine revs to 3000 or something like that the transmission is slipping and it needs to be rebuilt.
I would hope the car has been scanned for any codes.

Tuffy started as a midwest muffler chain.