Acceleration and AC problem

Have a 2007 model with about 70k miles, original owner. Have kept up with all scheduled maintenance. Started having a problem with car accelerating when letting off brake. Took to dealer they “reprogrammed transmission”, really didn’t correct the problem. Also recently started having a problem with AC, blows out warm air when idling. Takes about 10-15 minutes to blow cold. Had freon added. Any suggestions?

A properly functioning AC does not consume freon or other such materials. If it needs more, you should be looking for a leak. Note: Too much is at least as bad as not enough.

Actually what you are describing, could be at least partly caused by a leak in a vacuum line.

First, is that 2007 under warranty? It sounds like it may be. Even if you are now past the initial warranty, the lemon law for your state may be keeping it under warranty. If so take it back to the dealer. If not take it to a local A/C shop (up north they may be a radiator shop).