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AC works intermittently--compressor replaced, do we need to replace condenser?

The AC in my 2000 Toyota ECHO died a couple of years ago. With the record heat this year, we finally decided to get it fixed. On the first try, the mechanic thought it just needed some adjustment and recharge, and we wanted to save money, so we went that route. Didn’t work–kept blowing the fuse. The mechanic advised that we’d need a new compressor. We obtained a remanufactured compressor and had the mechanic install it. Seemed to work OK at first, but now it works only intermittently, with no apparent rhyme or reason. I’m wondering whether it was a mistake not to replace the condenser and drier as well. (Obviously, we were trying to fix it on the cheap!) If we replace the condenser and drier now (about 3 weeks after replacing the compressor), is that likely to fix the problem?

1st off ANY TIME you replace the compressor you should replace the Drier… Its like the filter to the AC system, and if the 1st compressor blew metal into the system you very likely just ruined the new compressor… Cheap is expensive… EVERY time…

Ohh and PS the warranty on the compressor is now NULL and Void since you did not replace the drier…

PPS the condenser can be flushed out usually, was this done on your car?

Unless the condensor was leaking, why would you replace it? Flush it out. I’m wondering if your mechanic really knows what he/she’s doing.