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AC stops blowing cold air on long trips

2014 dodge caravan 3.6L v6 v.v.t. I have had issues with the air conditioning in the vehicle when on long drives, where it seems to overheat as it stops blowing the cool air in the vehicle. You can hear the blower but absolutely no air is blown into the vehicle. Second time it happens and technicians cannot find the problem because when vehicle cools down, everything seams to go back to normal. very frustrating?

Not might not cause a problem but you need to edit your VIN out of your post.

Reduced air flow suggests that the evaporator coil is icing, there is a temperature probe in the evaporator that monitors the temperature and is used to cycle the compressor to prevent freezing. The next time the air flow is reduced switch off the compressor but leave the fan on, after a few minutes the air flow should be restored. If that works you may choose to have the temperature probe replaced.