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AC light will not go off

I have a 2007 Nissan Versa, which I love. The AC automatically comes on when you turn on the defroster, but the light on the button will not go off when I turn on the heat. I assume that means the AC stays on as well. It has been doing this all winter, so I have been trying not to use the heat. As I understand it, my husband was at the dealer and the mechanic said something about having to hold the button down for 20 seconds to reset something, but I have tried this and it does not work. I do not know why he did not get it fixed when he was there, maybe it was something expensive.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How long have you had the car?
Has it always been like this?
Why do you want to turn off the AC compressor in defrost mode?
You’re doing no harm.
Many cars are designed to turn on the AC compressor in defrost mode.

IMO opinion, it might very well be normal.

Look on page 4-7, in the air conditioning section

Is this correct, you put the vent selector dial to the windshield position, that is all the way clockwise and the AC comes on. That is normal. You turn up the temperature dial to a hot position (clockwise) and the light stays on, that too is normal.

If you turn the vent position dial CCW to the floor vent, the AC light remains lit, even if you press it again, that is not normal. The AC light should go on and off by pressing the button in this position.

If you want windshield air to continue defogging but the outside air is dry enough that you don’t need the AC, then turn the vent dial to the split position between the floor and windshield vents. You should be able to turn the AC on and off in this position as well.