Car heats up only when ac is working

I have 2006 nissan tiida,I can drive anywhere without ac turning on and the car won’t heat up but the moment I turn the ac on after almost 10 min car heats up, I changed the water radiator and I check the water pump also I cleaned the condenser fins still I have the same issue, the ac compressor works fine until it is disconnected automatically when the car engine heats up. Can anyone help me identifying the problem?

The thermostat may be stuck open and that’s why the engine doesn’t heat up.

But when you use the AC, the heat that comes off the condenser in front of the radiator starts heating up the coolant.


The radiator fan should be coming on when AC is on. If it’s not that would cause the car to run hotter.

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Additionally, if the OP is using water–rather than coolant–in the cooling system, that could be part of the problem:

Possibly. It’s also possible the OP simply doesn’t “speak mechanic.” A lot of posters, especially first timers, don’t. If he decides to reply maybe we can find out what he’s actually using for coolant.

Since a Nissan Tiida ( correct spelling ? ) is not sold in the US English may be a second language ’

That had occurred to me as well. I had to Google “Nissan Tiida.” Turns out it’s the same as a Versa.

He checked the WP too. Guess that means it is there? Vs missing?