AC Faint Cassette Noise

Hi everyone,

I have a 2019 Mazda 3. The AC makes two noises – the first is a clicking from the air blend doors going crazy which has a TSB out with a software update to fix it which I’ve yet to have applied. The other noise which is faint is a “Chh Chh” type noise similar to how a cassette sounds.

I’ve attached a link to a video I recorded of the noise. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I plan on taking the car into the dealer next week but would like to get a little insight beforehand as to what this noise might be.

its hard to tell from video but could also have to do with the blend door actuator problem. I think the actuator might need to be changed not just a software update. just have the dealer tech. listen to it. good luck. and post back the solution it might help others with the same problem. now and in the future.

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It’s likely your car is still covered by the 3/36 bumper to bumper warranty, so just let the folks at the dealer figure it out.

It is under warranty and I’m planning on taking it in next week, but if the consensus is that it’s not a normal noise then I’d like to go in with the expectation that they’ll at least take it seriously which is unfortunately not been my experience with Mazda’s service, even though I’ve had an unbelievable number of issues with my car for being so new.