AC cools at night not during the day

AC was recently charged as it was low. Temped at 59 degrees on a cool, cloudy day. Cools, humidly, a night very nicely. During the heat of the day it never gets comfortable as it has in the past. New compressor 2 years ago and was told it had a leak also. So now what?

“and was told it had a leak also”

So now you have to get the leak fixed. It will never cool if it is low on R134a refrigerant.

They did fix the leak. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear. But it kind of sounds like it has another leak, eh? Odd the cooling at night and not during the day. That is puzzling. Thanks MG McAnick.

I don’t see that as odd. There is a lot less cooling load at night, as compared to daytime with the sun out. You system is not working at designed capacity. There are several possible reasons for this, one of them being either under or over charged with R-134.