AC Controls VERY HOT

Hi. I have a 2008 Grand Marquis LS I purchased new. Recently, after driving the car approx. 20 minutes, the AC controls beocme hot. The controls are 50 degrees hotter than the rest of the dashboard. The dealer says it’s normal and the independent mechanic says bring it to the dealer, it’s a problem.

Any ideas what is causing the problem and how to get the dealer to fix it? (It’s still under the bumper to bumper warranty)

Thanks again

Take it to another dealer. They aren’t supposed to be getting hot like that and it sounds like there’s a short. This is a fire hazard.

Agree! take iot to the dealer; this should be covered by warranty.

Make sure you get it in writing why you brought it to the dealer and that the dealer told you not to worry that it was normal. Then send a copy to he regional office.

What kind of controls, manual or automatic thermostat, electronic? What part, exactly, becomes hot?

The controls are electronic, with a large electronic display for the temperature. The buttons underneath the display indicate the mode for the vents, top, bottom, defroster, etc. The entire unit becomes hot, the buttons and the display. The display becomes hot even when the AC or Heater is NOT on. Thanks

Do the buttons light up? I think the only “hot” thing behind them would be the light.

OR, where is this in relation to the stereo? The stereo may become quite warm, perhaps heating this part up.

I am sorry to say that I only have experience with the manual controls for this car. I have two suggestions. Go to the dealer and ask them to let you drive another similar model. Second, ask at

The buttons light up but the independent mechanic says the buttons should NOT be 50 degrees hotter than the rest of the dashboard. This hsppens when the stereo/radio is off. Thanks for your assistance.

Thanks again. I’ve driven different cars and they don’t heat up like mine. I am going to another dealer and hopefully the problem will be solved. I’ll let everyone knows what happens.