AC Compressor Load

My Daihatsu Move 2014 doesn’t get the pickup on AC and also show too much load the vehicle and also whenever the AC is turned on the ECO light turned off??

The Daihatsu Move engine produces 63 H.P.

An AC compressor can require 3-5 H.P. to operate.

So, if you ask the engine to drive a component that robs H.P. from powering the vehicle, there will be a loss of power.

The reason ECO light turns off when the AC is turned on is because the engine is using more fuel.


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I had to look it up, but for the record a Daihatsu Move is a small minivan.
63 H.P. in a small minivan is going to be anemic even without AC. Add an AC compressor and it’ll be even more anemic.