AC and ceiling leak w/ Lexus ES300 '95

I got my '95 Lexus ES 300 eight years ago; it was certified pre-owned, and I got it from a private seller right after he had the 100k-mile engine rebuild. About 2 years (and who-knows how many miles) later, I got AC problems – sometimes it would come on and sometimes not. After replacing everything but the compressor, the AC still only sometimes worked and we discovered some inexplicable black gunk traveling thru the AC system. Replaced the compressor and it’s been great since then. So, “Hear, hear” to what the Brothers had to say regarding that problem.

THE CEILING LEAK is super-annoying, and my body guy claimed not to be able to figure out where the leak was coming from. (That’s what the caller described, right? Water leaking into the back seat from the ceiling, right?) But why this very simple air-compressor clean-out of the drain just makes me angry now – why didn’t we think about this??

But in 8 years, those have been my only 2 problems, and I’d buy this car all over again in an instant.

I have a question not quite related to your post other than the fact there is another poster on here that has a 1996 Lexus ES (“that has a V^ and has about 190hp”).

He wants to know if he could tow a small boat with it. Around 1700#.

Most of us say or think “no or not wise”.

For what it’s worth, both these vehicles are rated to tow 2000# max.

Yeah, most of us that do tow trailers, know that the manufacturers claims are over-rated.

How say you? do you tow with yours?