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[ABS], [Slip] and [TCS Off] lights stay on

After a particularly hard rain one day last week, I started my 2000 Nissan Maxima (161,000km) and saw that the ABS, Slip and TCS Off dash lights were all on. I assumed that one of the front sensors or wires might be shorted out by all that moisture (since both ABS and TCS were on), and didn’t think a whole lot about it. (As you might guess from the metric values I live in Canada, but I don’t need the ABS and TCS. Yet)

However, after several days of +33C weather and a 650km trip, they all remain lit, so things might now be dry but the tell-tales remain. I have a fairly good ODB-II code scanner, but it appears to be unable to retrieve any relevant codes. I’d like to do as much prep work as possible before I take it in to my mechanic if I can’t solve this. Any pointers or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!!

whenever I get weird electrical problems, the very first thing I do is check the battery terminals and lugs for oxidation (indicated by a dull black color) or corrosion (indicated by white crud and or rust or green crud on the leads). This is a free and dirty check for one of the most common car problems, but it may not be the cause of your issues. good luck with this one.

This happened to my daughters car once after heavy rain and once after heavy snow. I gently pulled the sensors out and cleaned the hole the sensors fit in and gently blew out the sensor face and reinstalled them Fixed it both times, must have gotten dirt in them The traction control and ABS both run off the ABS sensors. Be careful pulling and cleaning the sensors.