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[ABS], [Slip] and [TCS Off] lights are all on

After a particularly hard rain one day last week, I started my 2000 Maxima (161,000 km) and noticed that all 3 of those lights were staying. I’m assuming that moisture was shorting out a connection to one of the front sensors (since the ABS and Slip lights were both on).

After several days of very hot weather (+33C) and a trip of 650km, they remain lit up. I have a fairly good ODB-II scanner, but it doesn’t seem able to retrieve any relevant codes. The “Googles” are telling me that it could be anything from a bad sensor to a bad coil pack. Id like to have some prep work done before I take it to a mechanic, so any pointers or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I believe that at least one sensor is common to all those uses.