ABS Ring Rear Hub Assembly

Hi Everyone,

I’m changing the rear wheel hub assembly on my 2006 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V with 186k miles. The car has ABS, and has an ABS ring, which no one seems to sell or have in stock. So I am trying to reuse it.

However, I was wondering about the position of the ring, see attached photo. The photo shows how it was installed before from whoever installed it (got the car used). Shouldn’t the ring be in line with the sensor? Or is it in the right place?

Additionally, I slightly bent the ring trying to get it out of the old bearing. Should I hunt for a new ring, or would it be fine? Image of bend in ring shown.

That ring was doing nothing. It needs to be beside the sensor. Your ABS error light should bave been been on all the time. If it wasn’t, you have other issues.

The ring should be flat. It will give strange reading if bent. Tap it flat with a hammer on an anvil or flat of a large vise. Hit it easy, don’t wail on it.

Thanks Mustangman. I don’t have an ABS light coming on, I wonder why? That is odd and it is also odd that the ring is in the wrong location. Maybe someone pulled a dash light to make it go away? Or I have some kind of electrical problem. Sadly my budget scanner can’t read brake codes. I wonder if Autozone’s does.

Well, it turns out that Nissan redesigned the rear hub assembly, so my new hub does not fit the old ring.

Turn on ignition, do you see abs light on dash? Or, any lights? Cel? Oil? Alt?

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Autozones scanner doesn’t read ABS codes either. @Cavell has the right suggestion turn the ignition on, if there is no ABS light, either the light has been removed, the ABS fuse has been removed or… you don’t have ABS on this car! Are you sure you have ABS?

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When I turn on the ignition, I see the SES, battery, oil, airbag, and brake indicator. I don’t see an ABS light!

I took both rear calipers off and saw that both rear hubs have both a speed ring and a sensor.

Do you have an ABS pump module underhood? The master cylinder lines go straight to it. Aluminum block with brake lines exiting. There is also an ecu piggybacked on it with a lot of wires attached.

and/or look in fuse block. do you have an abs fuse? usually you pull the fuse to deactivate the pump but you should get an abs light then. thats the normal GM fix for abs issues.


Attached is a photo of what I think is the ABS module. Is that it?

I’ll have to check my fusebox to see if there is an ABS fuse, and update it here.


There is an “ABS MTR FL40” fuse and an “ABS SOL FL40A” fuse in the fusebox, both fuses are connected.

Yes, looks like abs module. You should be able to see abs window in dash cluster if you shine flashlight on it at angle. Maybe former owner blocked it off with piece of paper/card.

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So what’s the sensor alignment on the other side look like?

If your vehicle sports the ABS function, on most vehicles I think this applies to all four wheels. ABS does its trick by comparing the individual wheel RPMS as you drive, in order to compensate for a wheel that is locking up.

It’s sort of surprising you are having difficulty sourcing the sensor ring. The Sentra is a pretty common vehicle. I’m guessing you can buy one, but you might need to purchase more than just the ring, maybe the entire hub.

I was hoping that I didn’t have to remove the other side, but here is the other side:

On the other side, the ring is right underneath the sensor! What gives, and it looks like I’m not getting an ABS light for some reason. Does the positioning of the ring not matter that much, or more likely that the ABS light isn’t working for some reason?

I had a new sensor ring special ordered from the dealership.

Someone removed the light, it is easier to sell a car that has no warning lights on.

The ABS light should illuminate when you switch the ignition on. With the tone ring out of place the ABS warning light should be on while you drive.

Yes you have a 4 channel ABS system. Yes that other toothed ring is in the right place. Yes, your replacement wheel bearing must have the toothed ring where that one is.

No clue why you have no ABS light. You need to do some digging and some diagnostics. Or just leave it off this 15 year old car and drive it old school.

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It looks like the sensor is in the right place, but in the first photo at the top of this thread, the ring isn’t. I wonder if all that needs doing is to push the existing ring further down towards the sensor to seat it properly. That might be easier said than done of course.

The tone wheel has stretched or is cracked.

It should not have been able to move passed this step on the hub.

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Thanks to all who replied. Since I ordered the new tone ring already, I’ll put it on. I’ll also go to the shop and see if there any any ABS codes after installation.