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ABS goes on almost always -- problem?

We have a 95 Toyota Previa with ABS (and “All Trac” all wheel drive). Around the time we had struts replaced in the front, the ABS started kicking in when you wouldn’t expect it to – dry conditions, low speed. Obviously, this is not the way it should be. But is it dangerous? Like, the ABS is wearing out too quickly?

Is the ABS warning light on?

Whoever replaced the struts did something to alter the brake system. The ABS should not “kick on” all time. Yes, this can be dangerous. The pulsation of the ABS could lengthen stopping distances. I suggest you take it back and let them fix it. Maybe there’s just a wheel speed sensor that’s not connected properly.

Often times this is caused by a faulty wheel speed sensor or corresponding “pick-up” gear (the cogged ring that the sensor uses to measure the wheel speed).

I would guess the mechanic might have gotten some dirt / grease in or around the sensor and gear while changing out the struts.

BTW, this will not always cause the ABS light to come on.