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ABS Control Unit

I was told the ABS control unit is not connected with the battery. Is this correct? I had a bad battery die and a towing company came and jumped my car. The ABS control unit was “fried” afterward and now needs replacement. Could either the jumpstart or the dead battery have anything to do with the system failing?

Of course the ABS controller is connected to the battery. It doesn’t run on steam or gasoline, it runs on electricity.
Yes, the jump-start could have fried it.
No, the dead battery would not have damaged it.

Thank you for your answer which is all I needed; not condescension!

The ABS control unit may not be fried, but instead may have to be reprogrammed with a factory scan tool.

Here’s a link that explains what can happen when a battery is disconnected or dies in a modern vehicle. And if you look towards the bottom of the article, VW is listed as one vehicle where this can happen.


The article was interesting but incorrect in one aspect in NY State. Here your check engine light must be off but you can have one system not ready to be read. ( 2 on a 1996 vehicle )