Abs and ventilation problem

I have a 2001 seville. The problem that I have is that the abs and traction icons come on the dash sporadically. When this happens the ventilation system shuts down. When the lights go out ,the ventilation system works fine. The dealership tells me that the two systems are not connected. They tell me that I need a new module. I would like to hear other diagnoses of the problem and repair.

By “module” are they referring to the “body control module”?
Did they do any actual diagnosis?

Your problem is electrical in nature. The ABS and traction control ssystems are related to one another, but neither is related to the ventilation system except for the warning lights, which being electrical are also related to the ventilation system and its controls. Modern cars have a control module just to control dashboard activities and body electrical systems. Without knowing exactly what diagnosis the dealership performed I can’t say whether what they told you is correct, but it is definitely possible.