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ABS and brake lights on Jeep Liberty

My ABS light and brake light come on within a few minutes of starting in gear. The brakes work fine and the brake shop says that the system is working fine, but I can’t get the dang warning lights to turn off.

I’ve read online that it might be the sender mounted on the rear differential of my 2005 Jeep Liberty.

Does anyone have a good fix??


I hope the “brake shop” didn’t charge you for this entiirely pathetic “diagnosis”. Any shop that sends you o your way with both brake and ABS lights lit and says everything is fine should be avoided.

First, since the shop you brought it to is obviously incompetant, check the brake fluid level before you go anywhere. It may be okay, but check ot anyway.

Now, sincethe Jeep has ABS I’m going to assume it’s late model and fault codes should be able to be downloaded to help with the diagnosis.

Try a better shop. Or ask your local parts store to download the codes and post them here.

It could be many of things. A common thing to happen is that one or more of the wheel speed sensors got filthy. You can often clean them with brake system cleaner.

Jeep Issued A 2 Page TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) 08-048-05 (9/1/2005) Pertaining To 2005 Liberty/Cherokee Models. Subject Of Said Bulletin:
“Rear Axle Fluid May Contaminate The Differential Mounted Rear Wheel Speed Sensor”

This is for Jeep Technicians to read and see how to diagnose and repair complaints from customers that have an ABS warning, or brake warning, or MIL (Malfuction Indicator Light) that stays on and explains what to check and how to fix.

Looks like, on vehicles that need it, the rear differential cover leaks and “contaminates” the differential mounted rear wheel speed sensor and needs to be removed and resealed and a new 56041393AA wheel speed sensor and 05086337AA sensor o-ring installed, fluid topped off, and some other details.

The dealer can do the check and repair for you. If you’re DIY, I couldn’t find a copy to pass along and if you can’t search and find it, maybe a friendly Jeep dealer (or Dodge or Chrysler ?) will make you a copy. Keep in mind, this bulletin is for their technicians.