About this truck



i was wondering if anyone knows about this, Iam checking out a 1994 chevy suburban for my friend it said service engine soon

so he got a new oil filter that still didnt help than it his oil pressure gauge is reading 0 and i know its suposed to be reading 20 or 40 something like that

he has it temporary to try this truck out before he definetely buys it.

what can he do how can he tell if the engines no good or just if its something little like something wrong with the gauge otherwise he gotta take it back to the dealer where he got it from


If it really has zero oil pressure you don’t need worry, it will stop suddenly and completely very soon. In other words Don’t drive or run the engine in any car with zero oil pressure! Have the seller pick it up or have it towed to a shop.


If it’s still running, take it to Autozone and have the code(s) read.

The oil pressure gauge may be out or a wire off or actually has no oil pressure. I figure if it hasn’t died by now, the oil pressure is good.

A non-sealing gas cap can activate the SES light too.