About replacing timing belt


In the “Maintenance” section of my manual there’s nothing about timing or drive belts. I have suzuki swift 2015, automatic, 30,000km, do you perhaps know when I should change the timing belt?


There is nothing in the manual about a timing belt because you have a timing chain.

As far as the accessory belts, replace them when they are worn, oily or cracked.


The new EPDM belts don’t chunk, split, or crack like the old neoprene belts

So you can’t tell if a belt requires replacement just by looking at it.


If I have a timing change doesn’t that needs to be replaced too? Manual says nothing about that neither.


It gets replaced only when necessary. It might go 200,000 km or more. Stop worrying about this.

In the first reply that you received, Mustangman correctly advised you that you don’t have a timing belt: