Abnormal Sound 01 Land Cruiser

I have a 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser with 135k miles. Recently the planetary gears in the axle were stripped causing the need to replace the axle and transfer case. After picking up the Cruiser, I noticed a slight but definite harmonic type sound coming from the newly replaced axle. This sound comes and goes and at all speeds. The dealer cannot get the sound to be reproduced. It almost sounds like it is a tire sound but the “wap, wap, wap” noise progresses into a high pitch harmonic type of noise. I have had it in and out of the dealer numerous times without success. I think they are reluctant to send someone out with the car for an hour or so to find the noise. Any suggestions will help.

Perhaps the replaced axle is out of balance.

leave the car with dealer for a week if needed and let them drive it home. have a mechanic to this not the lot boy. rent a car if needed. tell the dealer you would like to test drive a new one for a week. I,am not sure but they might have left a shim out or not put the right shim in maybe they used gears for another year car that they had around on the shelf for ten years. may be the mechanic did use the one tool most mechanic forgot they have a torue wrench and over tightened something that is why they have torue spect,s I worked for a good dealer and if we were even seen puting on wheels with out a torue wrench we got let go. and on a corvette it cost us the price a new wheel.

You have to go WITH the dealer’s technician when he/she tries to detect the sound. If you can hear it and they can’t, then their playing dumb. If you let them drive the car without you, how do you know what noises are present and what noises are not present. You must be there with them, no matter what it takes.