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A Very Sick G6

Engine light is on she sounds like an airplane with rocks in the motor. No power, shakes like crazy when I go over 45. The inside will randomly fill up with the smell of gasoline. Mechanic tested it and said it was low on oxygen but no serious problems. Please does anybody know what this is. Is it fixable

  1. find a better mechanic.

  2. tow it to him/her for diagnostic.

What year is this, how many miles?

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Low on oxygen ? Me thinks you need a real mechanic . First check the oil and if it is full and you can get to a AutoZone have the codes read. Now if that light is flashing then don’t drive it.

2007 coup 14750 miles I don’t know how to work this site yet but thanks guys for the advice

It sounds like it is misfiring. The “low on oxygen” comment probably means there’s an “overly rich” diagnostic code, which is consistent with misfires. When a misfire occurs, all the gasoline injected into the cylinder is just sent out the tailpipe, which makes the computer think the engine is running rich, too much gas, or not enough oxygen. But it actually isn’t either of those, just cauised by a misfire. Misfires as serious as this should turn on the check engine light. Is it on? Is it flashing?

Yes it came on 2 weeks ago when all this started right when I was getting on the highway

It isnt flashing though

Make sure the engine oil level is ok, if so then have the diagnostic codes read out from the computer memory and post them here. Could be a minor problem with the ignition system is all. If the CEL starts flashing, you’ll have to stop driving it, as serious and expensive damage could ensue if you continue driving.

Oh that would be awesome. Thank you so much

Personally I don’t think AZ is going to be very helpful. They might tell you what the codes are but you still have to get it into a shop to get it fixed. If you have OnStar, hit the button and they will tell you what the codes are and advise what it means. One word of caution though is if it is a misfire, you can ruin the catalytic converter in minutes. I wrecked the cat in my G6 and the one cat is $700 (replaced under warranty). I don’t know what the other one costs, but they aren’t cheap and are fragile.

I dont know what it is. One minute she was perfect and now all my dash lights are going off. if i put on my brakes just normal traction lighr comes on and then i lose my cruise control and trust me i need my cruise. I forget and just got pulled over because of it. 91 in a 70…so not good.but thank you somuch

That is not because of the cruise control not being set.

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