A replacement for the now-discontinued Toyota Avalon?


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As a sedan-lover, I can accept the tall-car styling of cars like this Crown. The sketch looks pretty good.

I like low cars and dislike the current upright SUVs which seem to have pushed out sedans from the market. The mid-height sedans coming from several manufacturers seem to be trying to keep a foot in both camps.

No hybrid or ev version. Doomed.

I will be very surprised if there’s no hybrid version coming, they’re adding and expanding their hybrid options on everything else. The new RX has three different hybrid options.

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Can they make them any uglier? :grinning:

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It’s not a replacement for the Avalon IMO. I think Toyota is trying to direct Avalon owners to a new car, but they are misdirecting them. Toyota should tell them to buy a top trim Camry or a Lexus sedan. Unless they are planning the demise of the Camry and ES, but I think that is very unlikely.

Wasn’t there a Toyota Crown in the 1980’s? Maybe I’m thinking of the Toyota Corona.

Yep, there was a Crown. Actually goes back to '55:
Toyota Crown - Wikipedia


C&D and Carscoops both speculate there it will be a hybrid to start with a plug in hybrid and EV coming later. The Cown currently sold uses a longitudinal engine so it’s based on the same platform as the Mirai and the Lexus LS.

I lived in Japan 70&71, many of the taxis were Toyota Crowns, very nice cars. Japanese taxis were immaculate, drivers wore uniforms and white gloves.

The Crown has been a taxi in Tokyo forever. I rode in one from Shinjuku District of Tokyo to Narita once. Very nice. It was impeccably clean and had lacy doilies on the rear shelf. Should be nice for the $250 it cost to make the drive. It’s a good thing the program manager paid for it and there were 5 passengers. 5 passengers in a Crown? It was a Get Aquatinted moment.