A little treat for all the regulars, and visitors too

“Rusty Chevrolet” by da yoopers. Very funny for everyone but especially funny for anyone who has visited or lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during the winter.

That was fun!
Thanks, Keith…

Now you will all have some idea what the term “lake induced snow” means. It also induces rust!

In our neighborhood there is a retiree who drives the same car, but I has no rust at all.

Hee hee. Ya you betcha dats a lotta snow dere all right.

The only thing is when he starts the car, the starter motor should not be whirring that fast if out in the cold. It would be more like ugg ugg ugg. Sometimes all you get is maybe 10 seconds and the battery is dead.

One has to wonder, though, how long did it take to dig that car out of the snow drift. I’d probably have a heart attack just digging down far enough to find the roof

It could be northern Maine…no teeth, not the snow.

lake induced snow

Never heard that term before. In upstate NY it’s called “Lake Effect Snow”.

@MikeinNH Yes, lake effect snow is another term, probably more correct. Those Northern winds coming over Lake Ontario and picking up moisture cause heavy blizzards in Upstate New York. That’s “Lake Induced/effect” snow! I remember driving once from Buffalo to Poughkeepsie in the middle of winter. The New York Thruway was a near whiteout and the going was really rough. One problem with this snow is that it’s heavy, not like a prairie blizzard where the flakes are smaller.

Great little video - I was warped back in time to the area in which I came of age in terms of the ‘fashions’ and vicissitudes of driving a decrepit hulk in the winter. The scarf tied over the head ‘statement’ (cool) brings back fond memories; the wheel coming off not so…

On the subject of lake effect snow london (who refuses to give up his shovels) thanks Lake Huron for keeping his heart healthy going into this festive time of year.

Since we are playing 20 questions today, what holiday was “Jingle Bells” written for?

Jingle Bells was originally written to commemorate the holiday of Thanksgiving.

What type of prize do I win for answering correctly?


My respect.

Because it is not a Christmas song, I did not wait until after Thanksgiving to post this.

For those with limited bandwidth allowance or speed, here is the audio only version.


I seem to remember in one of the French Connection movies (the second one?) Gene Hackman asked some French guy if he picked his feet in Poughkeepsie

Not totally on topic but I’ve been watching a few lawn mower repair videos on youtube. On several of them the guy is out in the garage working on the transmission, spindles, or whatever in BARE FEET!!! I’ve never seen this before. Is this more common than I thought for a grown man to be doing repair work with no shoes on? God forbid doing any welding like that.

That’s funny… a 350 like that would likely not smoke though and would probably be all that’s left of that Impala after 30 years or so…