A leak in my Buick's cooling?



I have a 1998 Buick Century Custom with about 140K miles on it. Whenever I go on extended drives (over 20miles highway) the “Low coolant” light goes on. Sometimes it goes on solid, sometimes it flashes.

I’ve checked the reservoir and quite frequently it is empty. Even if I fill the reservoir up, in the matter of a few days it will be very low. I read my manual which told me to add coolant (50/50 mix) directly to the radiator if the reservoir is empty. After adding barely any coolant, it overflowed from the radiator, leading me to think that the level in the radiator is fine. Regardless of how much coolant I add to the reservoir, in time it always goes down. There are no liquid leaks underneath my car, and it seems non around the reservoir itself.

I don’t currently have the $$$ to take the car to get looked at. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can figure out what’s happening to my car’s precious coolant?


If you must add coolant to the tank every few days, there IS a leak. Carefully inspect the entire system when it’s hot and pressurized. Locate and inspect the water pump and the area below it…


Besides checking for a leak from the water pump, you should do a visual check of the motor oil. If it appears somewhat “milky”, that would be an indication of a head gasket that is allowing coolant to enter the lubrication system.

And, if that is occurring, it is definitely not good news, especially in terms of the cost of repair. Hopefully you will not find this situation when you check your oil.


what size eng do you have in buick might have intake gasket leaking and the coolant is burning off the hot eng block