A good place to stop in Nevada

Me and four of my friends are taking a trip across the country in august this summer and were planning out our stops. We need a place to stay in between south lake tahoe and jackson wyoming. Could anyone give any suggestions? camping is preferred

You must visit the Cathedral Gorge state park. The Great Basin national park is also a good place to stop by. Both parks have a campsite.

GOOGLE is your friend.

Are you looking for a half way point? what route are you planning? Tent or camper that needs electric and septic?

If you are taking I80, there’s some good camping/fishing spots in the Elko, NV area. Or if you head a little further east of Elko, then turn left on 93 towards Twin Falls ID, there’s good camping in the Jackpot NV area too.

If you are taking the southern route, 50, that’s the old Pony Express road, called the “loneliest road in America” because of such little traffic it gets. As mentioned by tony above, the great basin national park has excellent camping. Further down the road, near the Utah/NV border, there’s an interesting cave formation which you can visit (with a park guide leading a group tour, not on your own) , Leman Caves I think, that has good camping and isn’t out of the way much from 50.

From 50 you’d take 15 along the Wasatch Front in Utah, the back to 80 East to Everest along the Unitah mt range, Wyoming, and there’s lots of forest service camps in the nearby canyons the whole way. Flaming George is in that area and has excellent camping available. Sounds like a fun trip. If you have the time, take 50 rather than 80, it’s a much more interesting route.

I also recommend US 50 for better scenery and a more relaxing drive. Do plan gas and other stops as the long stretch from Fallow to Ely has just two small towns, with Austin half a ghost town. It does have basic services. Eureka is bigger and better equipped.

A campground recommendation is for Ward Mountain Recreation Area and Campground, 10 miles SW of Ely on US 6. It’s a few miles off your route, but worth it as it has far nicer amenities than the typical National Forest Service camps. I’ve stayed there many times, though not in about ten years.Great Basin National Park is another good option, though I recall the park road iqqs slow so it takes a while to get anywhere. If you have a few hours, Lehman Caves in the National Park is quite nice and a pleasantly cool break if it is hot outside. To get tickets at convenient times, buy them the day ahead online, or if you’re camping in the park, when you arrive.