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A good mechanic in Asheville, NC

I have a '95 VW Golf with a lot of miles and a variety of problems, the most recent being a leak in the fuel line. I just moved to Asheville and need to find a good, honest, reliable mechanic, preferably on the east side of town, though within 10-15 miles is okay. If anyone knows of one, I’d appreciate the input.

go to CarTalk home page at tab above; then scroll down lower right. “Find a Mechanic” box and put in your zip code. Read the reviews there and choose one. There appear to be several foreign car specialists in town.

Remember the Car Talk mechanic’s review files contain only those mechanics with whom the contributors have had no problems with. Any contributor posting a complaint about a mechanic gets the posting removed.

There are valid reasons for the current Car Talk policy. It’s not wrong, but it does mean the reader should understand the scope of the information its providing.