A funny noise---Honda Passport


Greetings to those who like to tackle the why of funny noises…

I’ve listened to the fun and informative program about cars…

I do hope someone can help, I love this car. We went to the local fix-it shop but they said as it’s intermittent, they have no idea.

Honda Passport (4x4) 1995 210,000 miles… it is long in the tooth but has run like a dream.

Problem: (I live in Borrego Springs–desert clime)

Early morn when it is still cold here, get a hundred

feet from house and there is this noise, TRRRRRRRR,

I slow down, there is a CLUNK and that’s it… no

sound for rest of day. Runs fine.

It seems to come from where gear shift area.

This does not happen if we start it up mid-day when it

is warm here.

Today the sound went on for longer and there was a

CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK, Clunk… and then all was great.

Anyone know what is going on???

A million thanks, Heidi


When was the transmission fluid and filter last changed? I’d start there. Use only Honda tranny fluid.


Whoa-- I’d check that. It’s probably an Isuzu transmission, so it probably takes the regular stuff. An owner’s manual would say for sure.


GreasyJack is probably correct. I don’t believe that any Honda parts were used on this clone of the Isuzu Rodeo. As usual, reading the Owner’s Manual will tell the OP what type of transmission fluid to use.