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A discount on purchase of a new car - Subaru Forester

I have not bought a new car for a LONG time. Back when I bought my last new car, I was able to get about 15% off the sticker price for the car. Does anyone have any idea what kind of discount, if any, I could get on a new Subaru Forester?

Go to the website for VanBortel Subaru, located in Rochester, NY. They are one of the biggest volume Subaru dealers in the country, and their prices–with very low profit margins–are considered to be a good target to shoot for at any dealership.

Click on “build your own Forester” on their website, you can see what that dealership would charge for the exact car that you want. This information can help you in your bargaining with local dealers in your area.

be prepared to walk out the door if you don’t like the deal they offer you. Leave your name and phone number and tell them to call you when they’re ready to meet your price.

I doubt very seriously you ever got 15% off the real sticker price of a new car although the number and paper shuffling may have led you to believe that.

Subaru is a very popular car right now. They are growing huge despite every other maker in recovery or sinking ship mode.

This is one place I know of with great Subaru prices>>> however no idea where you reside

Forester is popular at the moment so not as easy to get one at a huge cut rate.

you can get invoice,no haggle. It is called Subaru VIP. If you have a sponsor they can get you this deal. Contact me via email. I would be happy to sponsor you. I work at the Subaru Factory in Lafayette.