A CNG idea that makes ($ and) sense

This is kind of like a plug in hybrid, but only one power train needed, much cheaper way to get an almost 100% compressed natural gas vehicle:

What do you think?

Looks interesting. I’ll stay tuned for updates. BTW, if methane station networks catch on, like the ones Pilot/Flying J plan to install, this could be a big winner.

And this works even without stations - they’re trying to get a home fill pump (high pressure, low volume, hook up for overnight fill) down to about $500. Not for those without gas service to the house, but about 60% of houses have gas.

I saw that. But CNG is only good for commuting without a network of filling stations. I was making the jump to using the car with methane for more than just commuting. I have natural gas piped to the house, and a CNG alternative would be interesting.

They still have the full-sized gasoline tank, so not a problem if it runs out of natural gas once in a while. Kind of like a Volt or other plug in hybrid, but without the big battery and extra electric motor(s).